Tuesday, April 1, 2014

House fairies or…

When drawers clean themselves

At some point during the morning yesterday I needed my calendar from my purse up in the living room: upon reaching the hallway I noticed that there were many jars of spices out on the counter…
The spice drawer was open, the fixtures for placing the spices leaning against the drain board – the drawer was in the process of being cleaned!

That motivated me to finish the job and wipe down some of the cupboard doors.

Leaving it all to dry then placing the jars back into the drawer a couple of hours later I was blessing the “house fairies” (aka housemate!) and longing for them to consider a few other spots.

Today I seem to be invaded by gremlins (internet playing up, “technical faults” on my tries to access e-banking, etc.).

I’ll take the “house fairies” any day!