Monday, October 21, 2019

Do you have Agerasia?

I hope I do!

Ah, nothing like broadening one’s knowledge of vocabulary. It sounds kind of like a disease, but if so, I sincerely hope that I have it. Agerasia that is.

Today’s A-Word-A-Day ( do join), is obviously no longer widely used nor even known. However it did have its’ origins way back in the early 1700s and is something that we all aspire to: not looking our age as in looking younger than one’s age. They also included a handy way of finding out if one qualifies: (calculate it) I qualify, but could lower it even more if I would eat more fruit and be a vegetarian.

Enjoy and I hope that you have it as well!
Always good for the morale on what has turned out to be a very gray and dreary day on the climate front. And a Monday at that.  Good thing my weekend was lovely!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Two packages of chips, or

A vegan lunch on a German train!

OK so by now I should know better and mostly I always have some chocolate and some nuts with me – as I did this time. However, I also had memories of wonderful lunches in the German trains and as they had posted the fact that there was a restaurant car, we decided to “dine at leisure” and didn’t buy anything during the changeover in Basel.

Big mistake!

First of all, they had a reduced menu card – due to “technical” reasons – now that just about covers everything doesn’t it. There were two vegetarian options, ie cheese sandwiches that came straight out of plastic to be re-heated on their small grill and the same with vegetables. For my son, who is vegan, there was literally nothing, if one discounts the potato chips. He had two and as he is big I am sure that his stomach was rumbling the rest of the ride.

Fortunately that night we were going out with a couple of the nephews. Pickings for vegans were slim – and according to him – not that tasty. Still he could get food.

This is where the older me says “oh for the good ‘ol days”. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Sunday decadence

It was an extraordinary Sunday, first of all in that I was actually at home and had no meetings, coffees, lunches nor social events planned.
I caught up on the wash; took pictures of the whole house (just another of those projects of which I seem to have a never-ending supply); went next door and caught up with the neighbors. I also actually had breakfast and lunch at home (rather unheard of in my current life) then did decide that we all deserved a treat so headed up to the local bakery and bought “goodies”.
My former housemate and her husband are currently here as their place was flooded in the major storm we had in July – good enough excuse for me!

I divvied everything up into threes, made my coffee and had it outside on my terrace, all the while reading one of my out-of-date magazines so that I can pass it on later this week.
The sweets were truly decadent! It was a very good Sunday indeed.

choclatemousse + St. Honoré

Apple pie

My share of the three goodies

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

“Wake up sleepy Sally…”

This morning I woke up first too early/late for that night trip to the bathroom, which lead to my abrupt awakening at 7:40 (rather unheard of for me, but as I had no morning appointments I hadn’t turned on the alarm) and a bit of morning sluggishness, normally not me at all.

As I stumbled half-awake down the stairs towards the kitchen and a ritual of honey, lemon juice and warm water, the old song “wake up sleepy Sally” ran through me head.
Why do these bits and pieces of old songs or phrases come to the fore of our minds?
What triggers them? Why do we even still have them in our memory banks? OK so it turns out it was “Wake up little Susie” by the Everly Brothers and not what my mind produced. Or was it “Wake up sleepy Jean” by the Monkees?  Susie???? Who knows – the mind is a wondrous thing.

I was only 20 minutes late for my coffee. And I did finally “wake up” , regardless of Sally or Jean.

my sleepy cats

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

I’ve lost the knack….

For plane travel.

Due to I don’t-know-what I realized halfway through 2018 that I had not taken any flights – so decided to make it a no-fly year. Worked out just fine and this year was set to be the same until a friend’s youngest son and his wife (civil wedding last year) maintained their church wedding in Portugal.  Due to lack of time and the distances involved - a road trip would have been at least 15 hours under the best of circumstance – for a longer trip I booked my flight way back in March. For the privilege of coming back on a Sunday I coughed up serious money on a line that is known for its cheap rates. Still worth it to be there, but to not have to take two weeks.

At the last minute whilst checking in, I noticed that they had what they call a “hands free” option available so purchased that on the outgoing flight. This meant that I simply dropped off my cabin luggage in a priority lane and was free to wander the airport without having to drag it along and open up everything going through security. A big bonus was being able to still take out my usual larger hand sack so that I had reading material, my small purse, etc. A very good deal in my eyes.

That worked wonderfully well. I did not purchase it however for the return trip and for the first time in my life actually ended up leaving something in the security check bins. Actually two things: shortly after leaving security with my luggage I realized that my cell phone was not in my pocket – yikes I had thrown it in the bin at the last minute knowing that they would make me go back if I didn’t and totally forgot to take it out (probably under my purse at that point and I was wrapped up in the wonder of a bin line that not only had separate slots for every bin, but also had an automatic stacking process at both ends. No more bins piling up, running into each other and the like).  Big “oops” moment that.
I immediately back-tracked and enquired of the custom’s official on that line – ouf – he had seen it and taken it out of the bin before it went under the counter. All I had to do was open it, put in the pin code to prove it was mine – and it was – mine again that is.

I walked away only to realize the first time I saw my reflection in a mirror that I had also left a scarf. Sigh. Just not used to plane travel any more. Still the loss might have been much greater and I can chalk this lack of attention up to three late nights with more food in three days than I would normally eat in a month.

Great friends, great wedding, more than enough partying.
I’ll excuse myself for the lack of the traveling knack this time.

My camera has seen better days... still didn't want to loose it.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Onions and art

Many people dislike onions, they are praised for “catching” germs, they are dammed for causing food poisoning; someone always has an opinion on onions.

I personally love onions, but do tend to use more the white and purple varieties as although still flavoursome, cause less gastric upsets.

However, I have rarely seen anything quite as beautiful is this slide show – link below.

I wish that I could give credit to the artist, but was unable to find any information. Enjoy

Then by dint of several searches I was able to locate the original - always glad to recognize talent!

If for some reason you are unable to open this link you can search for it
doing the following

"aux-petits_oignons" filetype:ppt

Friday, August 2, 2019

Hanging raindrops out to dry.

As we have had such warm weather this summer, one day I got out the old clothesline out to air dry our wash. Although I absolutely abhor stiff towels, most anything else is just fine. Talk about a trip back to childhood – the smell of sun-dried clothes will do it every time. As a child, I hated having to help pin and take in the wash so have mostly avoided it as an adult, but special circumstances and the thought of saving electricity had me re-thinking former dislikes.

Yesterday I had washed the tablecloths and put them out to dry. Fortunately the last thing – in the dark – I remembered to take them off as it poured during the night.

The result was very artistic I thought thus my sharing with you:

Raindrops hung out to dry.