Friday, May 3, 2019

Upside down world

It’s an upside down world when my purchases at the flea market cost less than the pastry that I purchased to go with afternoon coffee!

A big bonus to being here at this time of the year is the yearly flea market that takes over the entire town. I love attending flea markets, weekly, monthly or yearly, but rarely buy anything of consequence – hopes are high that I will find that perfect article, and sometimes I do, but more often than not it’s simply the fun of checking out other people’s junk and trying to convince myself that I don’t need it. I have also learned that I can detect trends – a glut of raclette pans on this one means that one of our favourite meals – cheese raclette – is no longer as popular world-wide as it once was.

I digress. Managed to restrain myself and only bought two items: a gorgeous silk short-sleeved shirt, which I am hoping will fit my younger son, but if not will make a lovely, cool summer nightie and a lemon/orange juicer. The latter was brand new and certainly better looking than the one it will replace at home when I return. Total price 2 euros!

Then I stopped in to one of the numerous local bakery and pastry shops looking for a treat. The “Paris Brest” costs double almost what my flea market purchases did. Ah life, sweet life. Well worth the Euros 3.90!

2 euros

3.90 euros

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Unexpected bliss: it’s raining….

It’s pouring – but the old man isn’t snoring – the ladies are having a day in.

I have always known that weather predictions never work for me. If they say it’s going to rain, I’ll awake to sun and vice versa. This morning is the vice versa. Nothing in any of the weather channels that we consulted yesterday mentioned rain – a bit of cloud cover eventually yes, nothing more. So, of course, we awoke to the wonderful sound of major rain on the roof.

Fortunately we have leftover bread, I have a good book to be read and the rain will eventually stop, life is good in my end of the world.

Did make it down to the beach during a dryer moment - love a gray day!

reflections on the river

gray days don't bother castles on the hill


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Same ‘ol, same ‘ol

Can be VERY positive.

Hallelujah – finally got some of the above “sentence”.
I am currently visiting a friend in Southern France, one who not only was a renter in a flat many, many years ago, but the one who moved into no. 15 upon my invitation when we were commiserating yet another flat falling through – with my favourite tipple: champagne or rather mostly sparkling wine.

Fast-forward over a decade: she married and spends more time in Southern France then in Geneva and although we are fairly good at continuing to go out for sushi when she is in town, and I was fairly good about visiting, somehow for almost two years we have not had any time just the two of us.

I decided to come down even before I knew that her husband had a business trip (mind you he, bless his heart, does everything he can to facilitate her staying in touch with her female friends and the two of them also lived together at my house for almost a year).

Last night she supplied “same ‘ol, same ‘ol”: it was anything but!

Old favorites