Thursday, March 14, 2019

Blank or….

Wasted time, or...
The day I did nothing.

Ever have one of those days where you have no appointments, nothing urgent needing done, a lovely blank time. These don’t happen often in my life, but thanks to my protestant upbringing and totally ingrained work ethics I never seem to really enjoy them unless it’s
a weekend day.
Today I have managed to fritter away having “accomplished” nothing more than my morning coffee; chatting with a worker as they dismantled and hauled away the 4-5 story cement maker that has been standing across the street for over a year as they built 6 small apartment buildings; my afternoon coffee; a few video games; a meal at home (that’s what probably did it – no plans for lunch – what happened?); and now I prepare to pick up my car, which was in for its yearly service and go to dinner with friends.

OK perhaps I could label it a social day instead of a nothing-accomplished-day!

from "My Creative Shop"