Saturday, April 5, 2014

It’s not what you think or…

How different reality can be from what one perceives.

Shocking picture, I know, but it proves my point.

This morning although I do have plenty of administrative tasks that I could be doing (i.e. billing, sorting, filing), having nothing urgent requiring my attention and its being the weekend, I took a look into the downstairs refrigerator (o.k. that came from putting in the wash, seeing a Tupperware that needed putting away, which lead to the room in which the fridge resides) and decided to sort out the bottles of condiments.

Now if my housemate and myself are pretty good about sharing our condiments (and there are still a ton of those in the upstairs refrigerator as we tend to use them about once a month – if that), the visits and stays of my younger son, her daughter and her husband over the past couple of years has led to a real plethora of condiments bottles and jars.

I was in a ruthless mood so down the toilet went the pickles, the barbecue sauce and the Satay peanut sauce (to use by date was late 2012!) which is what you see above.

Not what you were expecting was it?

Which also reminds me that often what we perceive a person’s moods or opinions to be can be just as misleading – tolerance is the word for the day.

And pretty tulips to take the bad taste out of your mouth – or rather to take the misconception out of your eyesight (and yes they are real tulips).

tulips in front of the Brunswick Monument, Geneva, Switzerland