Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cute Alligators and Sea Shell Messages

Now everyone is wondering… has she completely lost it?
But, I swear, there is such a thing as a cute alligator – perhaps won’t go so far as to say as cute as an alligator as that wouldn’t win me any friends, but, seriously, they were cute!

Yesterday we had chosen to drive up to Magnolia Plantation north of Charleston (  Once there we wisely chose the gardens, the tram tour and the swamp tour. Whilst waiting for our tram tour we visited the petting zoo. Patrick and the tram tour were a delight: we circled through and around the perimeter with many an animal and bird sighting, never mind the plethora of turtles.  In one of the pond/swamps there were several baby alligators visible. Eighteen inches long, laying in the green of what is called duckweed if I recall correctly.  Their future will not be so rosy as with their mother there to protect them only about 10% survive and she had been shot several days before leaving them basically with no chance against larger alligators, snakes, the larger birds etc.

The tram ride was so thorough and we had seen enough of the swamps so that we chose to turn in the swamp tickets and simply wandered the gardens.: beautiful place, well worth a visit.

Back in our rental home, we had a wonderful time observing the local animal activity, including this time a somewhat larger alligator, which came out of the water and onto the lawn of the house directly across the inlet from us. Not so cute.

This morning on my beach walk I of course looked for shells, but certainly didn’t expect what I found.

Hmm… a question mark for my day’s plans? For my life? Intriguing this message from the sea.