Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life’s little coincidences or…

The great thing about staying in one place.

I happened to see an ad looking for people willing to take part in a study concerning osteoporosis. Never having time to call during the two or three periods when they are there, I sent an e-mail to the responsible person.

She transmitted my request to another colleague who sent me an e-mail giving her direct line and the instructions to call (I had mentioned that as I travel a lot it might be a bit of a challenge to fix a date). I did so this morning.

As I read the signature, the name rang a (vague) bell, but I couldn’t really say why.  During our short conversation I mentioned where I lived and that the hour she wanted to give me was difficult for traffic reasons, not because I slept in. When she learned of my address she had another option at a hospital closer to me (at least closer in terms of traffic as cross-country by the back roads) and mentioned that she too lived in my village.

I said where? She replied – I said, interesting one of my younger son’s best friends lived on that street and gave her the name to which she replied that they had been their next-door neighbors. The penny finally dropped – “you’re C’s mother I said” (I’m S’s”: she is the mother of one of my younger son’s primary school classmates!

It’s a small world when you stay long enough in one spot.