Friday, April 25, 2014

On the road…

So many combinations

Fall 2013, on the way to a wedding in Northern France.
In the past six weeks I have been “on the road” many ways: alone in my car driving
to the mountains; flying across the Atlantic (and half the world) to attend a family wedding; driving a rental car, accompanied by my younger son and his girlfriend; as a passenger in my sister’s or brother-in-law’s cars; as a passenger in a rental car with other family members; and now again as a passenger in a private car on our way to attend another wedding.

As I don’t often get to be driven, I can thoroughly enjoy the possibility of reading,
blogging, correcting manuscripts – the privileges of a passenger. Never mind the often very interesting discussions as well as being able to pay more attention to the passing scenery: taking pictures whilst driving being an activity that is highly frowned upon.

Hmmm… in another life I could be tempted by being rich and having a chauffeur-driven car!

April 24, 2014  On the road again- headed for Charleston, South Carolina
And again being driven instead of having to do the driving.

Different country, different goal – vacation this time and the desire of the three of us (brother, sister-in-law and myself) to see something that none of us have seen.

I never realized that a great deal of the South (in the USA) is so green. Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama – all are bathed in the mists from the Gulf coast never mind the waterways of the south. So along with the sights out the window, I have read two papers and started a book.

However, the ride, if beautiful and the company great, is long and I have discovered one thing in my two experiences: one gets just as tired of sitting being driven as when one does the driving!