Monday, April 15, 2019

Don’t say I can’t!

One of my English women’s magazines has an article entitled “don’t say I can’t” which is usually about some 40-something deciding to take another job, go into another field, do something unusual like jumping off a cliff, etc.
The general gist is that simply because she is a woman and perhaps past her prime according to many, there is no reason why she can’t start a new life, take up a new hobby or job, go somewhere she’s never been and the like.

For me it is usually connected to that idiot phrase “you’re a women, so you shouldn’t….” and I am sure that all my female friends can find plenty of endings to that phrase!

Living alone I occasionally try and line up “heavy” jobs for my younger son, but inevitably he is either traveling or I forgot to ask and something needs to go out, etc. Sometimes I can wait until Friday and enlist the help of my cleaning lady: another woman who does more “manly” things than is deemed appropriate. Between the two of us we have moved heavy stones, unplugged drains, tossed out beds – whatever needs to be done.

On my own I have been known to put an entire sofa out on the curb for pickup on the cumbersome objects day, which we enjoy once a month (flip over, roll end to end depending upon the piece or simply drag). In short I can do a lot without having to enlist the help of that stronger male.

Latest to date? I arrived a one of my local department stores and noticed that amongst the decoration things that they were selling at very good prices was an iron bench. Perfect for the garden I thought. OK only have my small Polo but it looked like it would fit (I also can estimated sizes and volumes rather well!) so I bought it, moved the car down to the floor that it was on and dragged it the twenty meters or so. Getting it into the car (it fit perfectly once I had both seats down with a few centimeters to spare) was more leveraging it up and in.

And so it goes – one does what one needs to, male or female!

now to get the cushion!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Food, or

One of the things I love about Switzerland

Food is one of life’s majors – not enough and one starves; too much and one becomes slightly or grossly overweight.
Therefore it is obviously of great importance to most of us, if not perhaps the first thing that comes to mind in any given day.
Those who know me, know that I like almost everything and am willing to attempt just about anything else (ok still can’t bring myself to sample insects although as a child I happily consumed chocolate covered ants).
I have had snails: drowned out by the garlic sauce
I have had oysters: slimy and got a bad one the first two times I tried, the third they were great so I stopped there.
I haven’t had frog’s legs but have heard that they simply taste like chicken.
I have had offal and the ones I didn’t know what they were were o.k. The though though has not had me inclined to indulge more.
I have had rabbit and horse meat: again unknowingly – fine at the moment, but I do avoid if there are other choices.
Haven’t met a cheese I didn’t like and although most wines are decent I now only drink those that I really like.
The past few days though have been rather a hodge podge of things I really, really like.
Saturday, son two and I had Indian in an Indian restaurant frequented by Indians.
Monday I had something I hadn’t had before: lentil moussaka with goats’ cheese topping.
Tuesday I went to Zurich with a friend and had veal in cream sauce with rösti (a better version of hash browns) and later in the afternoon one of the most decadent slice of chocolate desserts that I have ever had, and believe me I have sampled a few in my lifetime!

Eating gold at Sprungli in Zurich

They even write in the cappuccinos!

Wednesday it was kangaroo cooked on a hot slate, and today it was sushi.
All this and much more is readily available in Switzerland.
We even have decent vegetarian and vegan with more small places springing up.
Within a 5-minute drive I can get Thai, traditional French, gourmet French, pizzas straight out of pizza ovens, fondue and raclette, perch, great beef.
Am I hungry yet – no – lunch was sufficient but later I’ll enjoy perhaps some squash soup, some hummus and celery sticks or fennel.
Life, when it comes to my stomachis very fine indeed!