Thursday, April 17, 2014

April showers, or…

It’s not the weather to which I refer, but rather those problem days.

I have meanwhile recovered from yesterday’s frustrations: 2 faxes, 3 phone calls to obtain authorization numbers for 5 of my client’s credit-card payments. This particular company has usually been very good, but so far this year they have: simply not paid one card which they authorized (and as there is a time lapse of about 6 weeks in between my requesting the authorization, filing in the credit card slip and the money actually being in the bank account, it is always very much “after the fact”); goofed up on some reports and now two days in a row had me tearing my hair out trying to get authorizations. Tuesday it was for only 2 credit cards, but it took me the whole day, yesterday I was there the whole time so only three hours: this when it is usually 10-15 minutes!  The worst part was that I was leaving for the mountains so being delayed in my own personal vacation plans. Those who know me, know that I don’t usually fly off the handle, that I have an unending supply of patience, but that if I do loose it – it’s gone!

Anyway, yesterday was yesterday, today is today: I am in the mountains and as the sun is shining am looking forward to my hikes (a real case of making it look better than it is: actually as the season is just starting I am not in shape and it will be more like leisurely strolls, but hey forward movement – and on two feet no less – is something, right?), more time for reading, etc.

There was however some residual negativity floating in the air and getting my coffee didn’t come easily this morning.

Machine plugged in, water in the recipient, machine turned on then the following.

No dummy, capsule goes in machine, not cup.

OK where is the capsule now? Supposedly in machine...

Ah, third time's a charm. It was better than usual

 And we will discuss the printer another day.