Monday, March 31, 2014

Unhooked for 36 ½ hours or…

Life beyond the computer screen

Those who know me, know that I am easier to get a hold of by sending an e-mail than by calling my house phone or cell phone: I’m always on my computer. Whether it be working for the client, connecting with my far-flung family and friends, working on my photos or simply playing computer games (we won’t go there in this post) once I have turned it on after my morning coffee, it usually doesn’t get turned off until around 8 in the evening (if it’s a good day – after my current two favorite TV series – The Chase and Dinner Date - I often return to the computer for a last check on e-mails).

Last fall however I had purchased the 4th season of “The Good Wife” and what with my housemates being gone, my being gone, our both being gone, work, social occasions and other commitments, four months later we had yet to crack the cover open.

So, with the success of our Malta getaway still present in our minds, we decided to dedicate one whole day to the screening of said DVD set – no computers, nothing which would distract us from the purpose of the day.

Thus it was that on Saturday night the 28th of March (am noting the date in history as it may never occur again) at 19:30 we both turned off our computers… 36 and a half hours later I turned mine back on again, which, with the exception of long-distance flights, has to be a record.

Saturday night we started low key, catching up with a couple of taped TV shows and hors d’oeuvres with champagne. Sunday first a leisurely breakfast of bagels and lox (the American store in Cologny had mini bagels when last we were there: mailto: followed by the first program in the series.

Then we got in our exercise by walking up the hill to the opening event of our village’s new mini-market. Great weather, high-class outfittings in the store (including the possibility of mailing letters and packages) and lots of tables and chairs for coffee or a drink: looks promising. 

After catching up with village friends and walking back down the hill, it was settle in to the DVD marathon, breaking a first time to enjoy lasagna made by a friend of mine and kept in the freezer for a special occasion (and if this one wasn’t what is?), a second time for afternoon coffee and profiteroles (no point in doing it if it isn’t done well, I always say). The third and final interruption was for hummus and vegetables then cheddar cheese popcorn.

All told, we managed to get to the 3rd DVD, 3rd program on it – or a good half of the series.  A wonderful day: one, which I hope to repeat sometime before the year is out!

And, although it was a moratorium on the computer and e-mails, I did boot up the iPad in order to be able to Skype with my sister as usual in the early evening – one can’t be totally cut off from all life!