Sunday, April 20, 2014

Breakfast with the cows or

Easter in the Swiss alps

OK the little village where I rent for the six “summer” months of the year is not very high (1’100 meters) and is on the back side of the middle chain of “alps”, still it is the Swiss mountains and a lovely spot to rest and relax.

This stay was no exception (o.k. we won’t talk about the printer problems nor the hours spent updating the client’s data base at least today I am free all day).

And the weather was also no exception. Arrived in the Spring to blue skies and many trees in bloom or starting to unfurl their leaves: Good Friday remained just that – good; yesterday though we enjoyed (???) winter with snow flurries and 0°C temperatures – my walk was bundled up; today – Easter Sunday – the sun dawned to early spring (fresh but sunny).  The French have a saying: in April don’t take off a stitch (en avril n’ôte pas un fil) and in May, do what you may (en Mai fait ce qu’il te plait), in May do what you want.

Started the morning fully rested (that’s once in a row) and decided to enjoy the cows with my breakfast. No that doesn’t mean bacon, nor did it mean picnicking in the prairie (too early and cold for the real cows to be out of their barns), but simply using my “cow” mug – one which I had bought several years ago with the intention of memorizing all 26 Swiss cantons (states). Gives flavor to the spot.

This day’s checklist:
  • Get up: was successful,
  • Breakfast: with the cows and since it’s Easter Sunday allowed myself the delicious, but without any redeeming nutritional value, white bread from the restaurant next door (many mountain restaurants have what are known as “bread deposit” rights – instead of having to go down to the next village for bread, the bakers bring a small amount of bread to the local “deposit”) along with the Sunday paper (not the L.A. nor the New York Times, but certainly adequate compared to the normal week’s editions).
  • Quick walk in the forest:

  • Shower and dress for the day:
  • Pack and clean (minimally – after all I’m the one who will return):
  • Off for lunch with friends at the tip of the lake:
  • Lovely lunch with friends

  • Leisurely drive home
  • Wonderful, wonderful day ✔✔