Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I flocculated the brownies or…

According to today's « word-a-day » from, turned them into an aggegrated lumpy mass.

Intentions were good when I started cleaning out cupboard space yesterday, when I took all my scarves out of my drawer with the goal of sorting and tidying up that particular mess, which was in itself a flocculated.

Then got distracted and never finished (the scarf drawer that is, the three linen cupboards are done) so the thrust of my energy this morning was to finish that, until I remembered that one of my best friends is going to spend two weeks with her daughter and family and that maybe making brownies would be more fun.

First batch of the season and truly, it can only get better as what with leaving out one square of chocolate, 25 grams of butter and adding too much baking soda (couldn’t find the baking powder and don’t have self-rising flour), they boiled over making not only a mess of the oven, but reducing drastically the amount of brownies that actually look o.k.

So the far away people will get the best, but reluctant to throw out the burnt edges and crumbling bits have dumped them all into a tupperware and will take them to another friend as icecream toppings. If they throw them out I won’t have to know !

Then this word – flocculate – showed up in my daily word distribution and I couldn’t resist. Such fun to just repeat : I am flocculating, I have flocculated, they are being flocculated…