Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A light in the distance or

Lighthouses and storms

My sister(in-law: we promoted her to sister status many years back, but for outsiders it would be weird to have my “sister” married to my brother) has a love of lighthouses so during our travels on the Atlantic coast we have made it a point to check them out.  A couple of days ago we went in search of the local one, then didn’t even bother to take a picture as it was truly the ugliest lighthouse ever: a kind of chicken-coop like structure on top of a 60 foot wooden square box – I’ve seen prettier telephone poles!

Today before leaving the coastal areas we first drove through Hilton Head Island to check out Hilton Head itself. Saw many convertible Mercedes and BMW’s, but the closest that we could get to a beach was a for-pay parking lot so decided that it needed more time to get its true value and left.

One last sight to see: Tybee Lighthouse some twelve miles outside of Savannah, Georgia.

And now, ready or not, we head back into the interior and into the storm. Will we need a light to reach the other end?