Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Best Burger

Doesn’t come with fries, but oh-so-tempting sour cream chips.

It comes lovingly grilled by a good friend, a glass of wine (or two),
all the sauces needed, tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes, lettuce
which is fresh at this time of the year and caramelized onions.

It also came with the perfect weather and setting: a terrace under a tree,
A light breeze, good conversation and friends with whom to enjoy.

I am sure that the kite in a far tree envied me my lunch!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cleaning, weeding…

Washing and wearing shorts
A rare Sunday at home.

So after a pause of several days (weeks?) today I woke up in my own bed – delightfully breezy weather and sun plus very agreeable temperatures.

This was very motivating and I threw on a pair of sweat pant shorts as not intending to be seen in public at the moment and got busy. First task – start watering which led to pulling some weeds, raking some leaves (a wind a couple of weeks ago shredded the tips of the oak branches and they are now nicely dry and visible) and dead-heading flowers.


Then the hole under the kitchen sink needed sorting and cleaning.


Of course there was wash – when isn’t there?

And having accomplished all that – and since it is Sunday – I will go take a well-deserved break in my lounging chair with a couple of magazines (sadly behind in my reading) and a good book.

Do I regret having had a wonderful trip with my cousins? Do I wish that I hadn’t had the concert in Saanenmöser? Heck no, but in its’ own way this leisurely down-time Sunday is all the more precious because of those events.