Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trivia and the trivial

Yesterday having been one of “those” days, why should it astonish me when today has started with trivia and the trivial.  In no particular order – either alphabetically or in importance, nor even as to date:


·      What tiny Caribbean island has an Irish harp on its flag, a shamrock-shaped passport stamp, and St.Patrick’s Day as an official national holiday?                            Montserrat, which calls itself the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean. In the 17th century they welcomed Irish Catholic indentured servants. (Page-a-day calendar)

·      From Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff 2011: Accept the fact that you can make excuses, you can make money, but you can’t do both. (Yep some of my yearly page-a-day calendars get read late, or pages saved for the odd pleasure that they afford)


·      It’s Thursday and I only have one meeting on the calendar – an annual meeting for a small foundation “Kaicedra” that helps support a couple of schools in Burkina Faso (Africa):  Their website is in French and English.

·      A Facebook posting warning of the dangers of aspartame to the health of women led me to check the sweeteners in Coke Zero (my favorite if I indulge) only to discover that on top of the aspartame, there are also cyclamates and Acesulfame-K (interestingly enough the K stands for potassium so any one needing to watch their potassium intake should be aware of this). No calories, but also no redeeming factors and perhaps some negative ones.

·     Today’s mail was a true hodge-podge of totally unrelated and interesting items: an invitation to a Conference for the colleague of my housemate (I’m still getting mail for the daughter who left last September); a brochure from my housemate’s old school; advertising (at home in spite of two stickers requesting no advertising I still get stuff – so far the PO Box had been junk mail free… guess those days are over, sigh); a few “normal” letters for me; but the real kicker was a letter from a local foundation for my husband… who died 14 years ago! Does it never end?
·      Our free paper brought its lot of entertaining information as well: a snake (non-poisonous as it turned out) had the Intercity train from Bern evacuating all 450 passengers; allergy season is in full swing – bring out the tissues; our Inventions Salon is on this weekend – for the silly, the functional, the wishful and the inventive.

I have noticed that Facebook has developed – or at least that’s where things tend to get posted that I see – what is called Throwback Thursday. Mine is now Trivial Thursday and as my housemate read to me last night from an online posting, I leave you with this thought.

Last year you woke up every day – thus it was a good year!