Sunday, April 6, 2014

One of “those” days – take two.

You know how when someone says “it’s been one of those days” we all are ready for the litany of things gone wrong, plans messed up or disappointments by the bundle.

What if we turned it around? I mean there is nothing intrinsic to the words or that particular sentence that make it an obligation for a tale of woe. What if one put positive elements in, such as “it was one of those days” when I went back to bed for a good read; went for a lovely long walk in the sun; met a friend for coffee, tea, lunch – dinner; got the check I was waiting for (or more likely the bank deposit these days); had a phone call or e-mail from a friend with whom I hadn’t spoke in months; met a new friend; went to a great concert, etc.

I imagine though that we would have to eliminate “it was just” and add on one or more of the above-mentioned qualifiers, still think I’m going to give it a go and declare today “one of those days” where nothing goes wrong and only pleasure is had.

And I’ll wish you all the same type of days as I go off to chase the rainbows - rainbows every bit as quirky as my life.