Monday, March 2, 2015


Or when one is down for no reason whatsoever.

Saturday was fine – lots of indecision however:
I woke wondering what to do after I had coffee with my Saturday morning coffee friend - M
  • check out the Plainpalais flea market
  • Go to Ikea and Interio and maybe even Pfister for a matress for the attic room
    • did the research on-line and can order one from Interio to the right measurements (can even have it delivered here for an extra CHF 100.00 hmmm... sometimes lazy may be best, not yet ordered though
  • Take some stuff to the Salvation Army - and check for dishes and small tables etc. for both my new bathrooms and the upstairs attic room
  • Stay home and do the taxes

After checking e-mails and playing computer games at 11:30 I decided to make the quick dash to the Salvation Army (did sort out 5 pieces of clothing that were too good to put in the bin in the village) and have lunch.

Was going to go for Sushi at Mikado, but decided to park at Coop 2000 so ate at Edwards (been a long time - don't think that I have been since I met my older son their sometime last year!).

My evening with good friends was a resounding success, then it was
On to Sunday.

I woke up out of sorts, the weather was gray and I had absolutely no motivation for anything and as there was no reason to feel the way I did, that was just another source of stress.

I mean, how can I, who am so privileged in my life, dare to not be in top form emotionally? I haven’t been ill, I haven’t lost anyone (recently that is), I haven’t been faced with bills too large to pay, no one I know is in prison or being otherwise persecuted for their beliefs (even those in Syria), none of my good friends are facing major crises, financial or healthwise, so why?

By the end of the day I wasn’t much improved, but on Sundays I Skype with my sister and she, wisely said, « so wallow – ok now get on with it » !

She’s right – sometimes there is no reason for feeling downhearted, reason has nothing to do (or precious little most of the time) with the emotional and sometimes, just occasionally, a good « oh-poor-me » wallow is the best solution, as is not trying to do the taxes !

The lone tree is not necessarily alone... others are in the background

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