Thursday, March 12, 2015

All is normal…

Three of the most important words in any language!

Now I know that most people think that three other words are the most important, but without in any way detracting from the beauty of “I love you”, for anyone who has ever been faced with medical issues either for themselves or a close family member or friend “all is normal” gains in value with the passing of check ups.

With many diseases there are simply no warning signs until such a point that they become much more difficult to treat. I bear this in mind having gone through both: the one with a lump that turned out to be cancerous as well as the one where there were no signs until they showed up on that yearly checkup.

So it is always with a small degree of apprehension that we go to these regular check-ups, be they monthly, bi-annually, yearly or however long.  We laugh, we try and be cordial to the staff – like in doing so we could actually prevent any bad news from them – and are very relieved when at the end someone says:

“All is normal”.

May all your news be boringly normal!

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