Monday, March 30, 2015

TPP – no not the Trade Agreement, rather

Tapas, Passing Time and Palm Sunday.

Tapas, wonderful tapas: Saturday night we, three friends, headed for Al Raparou in Argelès-sur-Mer where we ordered a selection of tapas and washed them down with a local wine, a Mas Rous.

To the tune of much laughter, oh-ing and ah-ing and in particular ummmmmmmm….ing we proceeded to thoroughly enjoy ourselves.

Al Raparou

Tapas galore

Great little local wine

Passing Time: That time of the year that I absolutely abhor (and no it isn’t too strong a word for how I feel!) when we loose an hour during our sleep. Least said, best said.

Palm Sunday: the bells rang at 10 and I wondered then if it was for mass at the church down the street to end, or for its beginning. When they really rang at 11:30 I knew that church was out so walked the 50 steps to the end of the street to enjoy the sight of all the believers having their palm branches – in this case usually olive tree branches – blessed.

Church in Argelès-sur-Mer

Local equivalent of Palm branches

Bunches and bunches

One of the angel statues on the square

Then it was off to the harbour and a delicious lunch at one of our friend’s restaurants:
Sofi at T’Hé au Quai where she produces some of the loveliest local delicacies.

Even the sky needed sunglasses

table settings at T'he au Quai

Hors d'oeurves

Local speciality a "Torrade" with salad

Every bit as good as it looks!

A walk along the harbour walls (we left the beach for another day as very windy) and yet more interesting cloud patterns made the day feel full – and very vacation like.

more interesting clouds over the harbor

"Jaws" - which number?