Thursday, March 19, 2015

101 - no not Dalmatians

But rather 101 e-mails in the Inbox!

Having been absent yesterday, I thought that perhaps one of my today’s tasks should be the clearing of the “Inbox”. (My Inbox is at times a thorn in my side. As much as I love being able to handle business at all times of the day – or night – sometimes opening it up to find yet another thirty e-mails on political / links-of-cute-YouTube-things / other links from friends and acquaintances about yet more political /cute-YouTube-things etc. rather overwhelms me).  Whilst traveling I check at least once a day and ruthlessly ditch anything not directly connected to friends or family, but when I am at home I feel that I should stay aware, keep up with events in the world (or at least the worlds of my family and friends – that’s sufficient) and am slower to simply click on the “delete”.

I have been known to actually get both Inbox and Sent box down to 0 – even if for only an hour or two, but today after having ditched many I looked up to realize that I still had 101 to be dealt with. Amongst those at least two persons whose blogs I follow, which means 10 – 15 minutes per e-mail; then there are personal emails from at least five close friends that will also need or warrant my close attention; in addition there are half a dozen that need to be checked and filed such as bills, bank statements and the like.  Then there are the acquantainces whose e-mails should at least be read; never mind the few such as the English-speaking Library or the local village with current information. It all takes time, but hopefully by the end of the day I will NOT have 101 – aiming for at least only 50.

"wordle" of the last 6 e-mails in the Inbox