Sunday, March 15, 2015


When it comes to scenery I have long said that most places can be found somewhere else in the world.  The Dolomites aren’t too much different from the Grand Tetons; desserts have their variations in color, light and plants, still they resemble each other; although on different continents Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and the Iguacu Falls have things in common as do the thin threads of falls be they in Yosemite or the alps; glaciers in Alaska resemble those elsewhere and the list continues. Yes, I know that a geologist can tell the difference; I know that the indigent birds and animals can vary – still to the tourist or layman’s eye one often searches for that other place that one has seen, which so resembles the new find. There’s even a mini Grand Canyon in Iceland!

This was brought home to me again this morning as I walked in the opposite direction from that I usually take. I wandered to the edge of the lake in the park: the Jura mountains were behind a veil of fog, a small breeze made mini waves coming in to the shore – there was nothing to distinguish the Lac Léman from Michigan Lake or even parts of the coast on the Pacific Ocean.

The only clues that one was perhaps indeed not elsewhere were in the Mallard ducks on the lawn (although those can also be found elsewhere in similar settings) and the planes taking off through the clouds in the not-too-far distance – but again San Francisco airport lies on a bay as I am sure do others.  The only true sign that I was where I thought I was: the Swiss flag blowing in the breeze a couple of houses up the lake.

La Savonnière, Collonge-Bellerive

La Savonnière, Collonge-Bellerive