Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dependencies or...

Cut off from my world.

It’s a very scary thing to not be able to communicate via the regular channels, which - in my case - would be e-mails.

At some point yesterday afternoon my main e-mail address went down. No panic – this has happened before. Was busy so didn’t get around to looking at the question again until the early evening: still not possible to pick them up via my normal route. Again, no panic – I can go on line like I do when I am travelling, pick them up (or at least toss the unimportant), leaving them on the server for when my program is again working. Glitch, big glitch: I wasn’t able to do that either as it simply posted xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx   “this account is unavailable”! Yikes.

But never mind, I had watched one of my favorite programs “The Chase” then “Long Lost Family” so when the same happened on my mini computer before I went to bed I thought, never mind tomorrow is another day.

This morning same thing and process all over again. I did re-boot the router (obviously not the problem as I could go on line for anything else!), shut down my computer a half dozen times, re-configured the e-mail settings: all to no avail. 

At which point even I caved and called the hotline.

Very pleasant girl; wonderful music whilst I was waiting – I did enjoy that experience: kudos to Swisscom!  We tried several things, including trying to access the webmail from another browser (I use Firefox, but still have Safari on my computer) – again all to no avail.

After a bit – again lovely music, pleasant service lady – she finally had to tell me that she was going to have to refer it to their “secondary service” and that it might not be quick…

Help, I’m in a communications limbo.

Can I survive?

OK that’s also forgetting that my fixed phone works, my cell phone as well, I can post to Facebook, I can still Skype, but my lifeline of e-mails is temporarily unavailable – amazing how scary that actually is! I really never realized how dependent I am upon e-mails for keeping connected to family and friends never mind news of all sorts and professionally as well (no e-mail no contact with my tax advisors; no e-mail no contact with old clients; no e-mail, no e-mail, no e-mail).

OK this is a wee bit stressful so think that I am going to have to go have a good lunch – oops forgot that I still have something viral going on and that not much tempts me: add to the stress.
Just barely managing to hold on to my sanity, I know that I will laugh tomorrow about how I feel today – that still doesn’t make it funny right now.

E-mail where are you?If this goes on long, I'll have to re-do the current configuration and take the secondary e-mail back out of the account so that I have at least one working e-mail address.
I would hate for it to come to that - lunch. Perhaps it will miraculously re-appear whilst I am dining.


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