Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Looking for the positive

7:30 delivery on time
8:00 sandwich at the épicerie – good price
9:00 e-mails half working
10:00 still sunny, trip to the dentist, no trouble finding a parking
11:00 teeth clean – and no dental work needed
12:00 lunch
13:00 read a couple of magazines or should I say finished
14:00 still sunny, time to work a bit
15:00 nothing terribly urgent to be addressed
16:00 coffee
17:00 signed contract to install photovoltic pannels on my roof
18:00 bite to eat
19:00 into town – spring evening
20:00 Verdi’s Requiem

Now that was a day full of positives !
Also booked two day cards for train travel with one friend and another trip to Southern France to visit yet others. Didn’t really even have to look for the positives in a day that came in more on the plus ledger than the minus. And, oh yes, emails for some mysterious reason working again !

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