Sunday, March 8, 2015

A day away from the computer…

This could get addictive as I am now on my second one of minimal computer time.

It all started with the moon set yesterday morning.

After that beautiful happening the day dawned gloriously blue and cloud-free.  

Coffee with a friend as usual followed by a trip to the grocery store from which I returned with a very colorful bag of vegetables and fruit (guess my body thought it needed to get into some vitamins) and nary a junk-food item.  Did quickly boot up the computer, but as there were no e-mails that had to be answered, just as promptly shut it down, threw in a load of wash (remember younger son had returned from a week’s skiing) then decided that it was really way too nice a day to be inside so grabbed a quick bite of lunch on my way to one of my favorite walking spots.  One can see both the alps (including Mont Blanc) as well as the Jura mountain chain and the paths wander through ground that is being returned to its original swamps.  A big plus was that they have recently trimmed back (or rather totally cut down) most of the reeds and surrounding field crops so the views of bird life are much easier. As well as the fairly common to this region mallards I also managed to see both a great white egret (I think, but my more bird-watching-gifted friends can feel free to correct me) and a gray heron (fairly sure of that one). What the lone swan was doing so far from the lake I would love to know!

nesting mallard pair

Grey Heron

Great White Egret


At home (with lemon pie so that I wouldn’t need to go out for coffee later) I first accomplished a DIY task that had needed doing for a couple of week, then

After 34 years the plastic broke

Lovely new one - soft shut mechanism and easily detached for cleaning!

I decided that it was warm enough in the winter garden to use my dining table and start one of the 10 puzzles that housemate D-L and her husband R had brought when they came this time. Made good progress.

sorting started

most of the frame in place

always one on the floor...

Then it was time to watch the sun go down over the lake and the Juras from my easy chair in my bedroom.  No need for a computer, no need to say how lovely my day had been.

sunset over the Jura and Lac Leman

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