Saturday, March 28, 2015

Village R & R or…

The (boring) story of my past two days vacation: for any of you who are allergic to the “I” or “we” narratives, stop right here.

The Canigou - photo especially for Rick who is probably homesick

Now R&R stands for rest and relaxation – and that was the main reason for coming, however I could also add F&F for Flowers and Food or 80 steps – the amount it takes to go from my housemate’s lodgings to the local cinema where we saw a film on Iceland (fond memories of our trip almost seven years ago).

Although said housemate was no where to be seen upon my arrival – it turns out that she was in the hospital with yet another oesophageal attack (but was getting out shortly according to the landlord who heard me ringing the bell) – we did recuperate the flowers that she had bought to welcome me from the doctor’s office yesterday morning.

beautiful lilies

Once these attacks have been taken care of – she has no lingering side affects (thank goodness) so once we had had our “writing session” when we saw that the chocolate tarte was part of the lunch menu we reserved seats!

Tuna steak with a tarragon sauce, rice, salad and grilled tomato
chocolate tarte - the whole "formula" was EUR 11

Sparkling water makes pretty ring reflections

After lunch in order to somewhat compensate for the calories (note I did say somewhat – I needed to have hiked 50 kms probably) I took a walk around the village and over the bridge to check out the water levels (flooding earlier this year was bad and it had rained heavily again last week). Cloud formation was fascinating as was the view towards the Canigou (local mountain).

The "Massane" river

Yes, this is the "normal" crossing - sometimes one can't.

 Of course coffee time rolled around and it was out to check the new tearoom: I approve.

Afternoon coffee and a cookie

Then we had our own little repast, including champagne as we set down to finally look at Season 5 of “The Good Wife” – I have had the DVDs for months now, but our divergent schedules had not allowed us to start. All in all the perfect holiday day.

Foie gras, cheeses, champagne - what's not to like about "nibbles"

This morning was market day – in a village in Southern France, it is always a big deal and my favourite olive guy was there so life is good. We sensibly ate leftover lentil soup and a fresh green salad from the market before I had a “pause” on the couch.  Then it was 80 steps to the cinema the film on Iceland.

Part of the Saturday market that spreads throughout the village

rain spouts are fascinating in this part of the world

Another unusual cloud formation on today's walk

Tonight we’ll visit another friend so that I can see her new flat then the three of us will go have “tapas” (the Spanish version of cocktail nibbles) in the new Tapas restaurant. I will again sleep splendidly – especially knowing that Sunday is the one day the trash pickup doesn’t take place: at 5:21 both mornings they were just three feet from the foot of my bed!