Friday, March 13, 2015

The first bare legs...

Large catamarans jostling on the lake and the heat off in the car: one could almost believe
that Spring is just around the corner!

To the disappointment of any male readers, the bare legs that caught my attention were those of a male on his bike waiting at the stoplight. Looking around I noticed that the majority of the pedestrians and all the other cyclists, motorcyclists etc. were still in long trousers or dresses and jackets. Still, one of the first reminders that although today is cooler than yesterday, we will eventually get to Spring.

I had already seen the light starting earlier – if I hadn’t seen it the cats certainly made me aware of the fact – forget about 6 a.m., 5 a.m. is beginning to get interesting as far as they are concerned.

Then as I returned from town there were a couple of catamarans speeding along the lower part of the lake – soon the races will begin.

Traditionally our Auto Salon hails the first days after winter: it is currently running, but today was the first day that it truly seemed like it was no longer winter.
Also for me to turn the heat off in my car means that there was enough sun to have it warm after sitting out; that my winter coat is all of a sudden not as necessary and the winter scarf can be down right stifling. Ah Spring. Glad you are making an appearance.

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