Friday, January 31, 2014

Irresistible words

I have always loved words – apparently in first grade I returned home from my first day at school telling my mother that I thought it would perhaps take more than just a day to learn to read. Whenever it actually happened I don’t remember, but I do still have the retractable pen that was my gift for having been the student to read the most books that year: 62

I read my way through elementary school, never stopping for weekends or any important event (my books were regularly confiscated – as under the table at meals, under the blankets at night). In Junior High I began writing as we had moved across the ocean and the only way of keeping in touch with the friends that I had known “forever” was pen and paper.

I continued to read, I continued to write – at one point being the editor of the school paper in high school. But always only for myself and my own pleasure.

I still read voraciously, I still write (with inconsistency), I still collect words.

Today’s Word-a-day is totally irresistible: bumfuzzle

As in: let me bumfuzzle you even more than you already are.
As in: did that sentence bumfuzzle you ?
As in politicians are masters of the bumfuzzling speech.

Don’t you just love it? Bumfuzzle, bumfuzzle, bumfuzzle, rolls off the tongue,
sounds fun to the ear, even slighty naughty – let’s all go out and bumfuzzle someone today.

The more prosaic “to confuse” simply no longer cuts it. I am from now on going
to bumfuzzle my world.