Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY and the intelligent

Now I do not consider myself totally without mental faculties, regardless of what my family or friends may think at times.

However, faced with a booklet of pictorial directions on how to put together my latest purchase from IKEA I must admit that either something is lacking in my mental processes or something is lacking in their pictures.

I purchased a “night table” recently as the one my most frequent guest had put into that in-accessible and low spot by the bed in the attic was too encumbering and blocked the other cupboards of recent fame (i.e. blog on shuffling things around in the attic!).

A few days later opened the box: first step, make sure that everything was there as often things are missing – lucky this time. Open up “instructions”; try and figure out pictures; re-try and figure out pictures; start only to have to back track; mount the four rails; leave for a day.

Second day, second attempt: get four “posts” in correctly – discover that some of the holes were not meant to be used yet, back track.

Third day, put together top and bottom, including all the stabilizing screws – progress being made.

All throughout this I was again shuffling cupboards as well.

Fourth day: drawers – easy, as well as nailing on the back to the top part (now they are supposed to supply everything that one needs to put it together however I did have to add a hammer and a screwdriver as the one utensil they gave didn’t do it all – got off lightly compared to some occasions).

Fifth day – DONE.
The easiest part of the whole process? Pushing it into its new place.

I no longer say Do it Yourself, but rather “Duh, Intelligent You” – you got it together in spite of the instructions!