Saturday, January 18, 2014

Life's little challenges

How many things can go wrong in one single day?
I stopped counting. Yesterday was just one of those days where every little task
came with its own set of difficulties; where every trip seemed longer than the last; where every phone call came up with nothing; where every time I opened a piece of mail
It was another bill (unexpected) or bad news; where half the e-mails brought their
own set of “have to do this now” including getting back to the lawyer about the renter who is, yet again, missing and still thinking that I will, yet again (this has a history of about 10 years) compromise.

Guess what: we all have our breaking point.    And I wasn’t far short of mine.

Today should have been a new and better day. The good news is that it was somewhat.
After and hour of searching for a paper that I needed for the client with it no where to be found (taking into account that yesterday also saw me cleaning out about 20 separate folders looking for the papers that I needed for the lawyer, it could have gotten stuck in between any of them – argh….), and having gone through everything that I had touched yesterday – I had written the client an e-mail to send another copy, when I had one last thought of where to check: in between younger son’s rental lease. One thing found. And fortunately had not sent the e-mail.

That left however the scarf and the calendar. Now if I have more than one scarf, I only have the one pocket calendar and trying to live without it, even this early in the year would have truly been a nightmare. Thought and thought, checked the usual places then it hit me: yep, the last place I used it was in the flat yesterday when I was looking up phone numbers…

Fortunately the renters were amenable to my going to the flat to recuperate both objects. But it was another trip.

My housemate talked about the stars having not been aligned yesterday: I personally think that someone gathered them all up, tumbled them around as fast and as crazily as possible then dumped them helter.skelter – none anywhere near where they would have been useful to me. Just like pick-up sticks or spilt spaghetti.

So back to my motto: tomorrow will be a better day.