Thursday, January 30, 2014

If only I could...

My housemate emailed me yesterday: “When you use the microwave for the next few times can you tell me please what and how long it takes to warm/cook.“

My answer was: “If only I could…Here we were, the 28th of January... no nerve problems, no sprained ankles, no immediate disasters that I am aware of in between friends or family, no health problems (that I know of), in short had spent every night safely tucked up in my own bed with no major problems.
At 20h00 I went to warm up my soup to enjoy whilst watching The Chase and Dinner Date. Turned oven on - turned dial - nothing unusual... until I took the cup out and it was still stone cold.
Retried, checked plug, checked spark plugs in the cellar. Micro-wave came on so electricity not the issue, but NOTHING worked – not the micro-wave bit, nor the grill, nor the convection.
Looked up the guarantee (Nov.2009 purchase) so pulled it out of it's hole this morning and started with the hunt by first checking the Migros Vésenaz - nothing I want; checked Manor Vésenaz, again nothing; returned via the Cercle de l'Agriculture - no micro-waves. Have done some on-line research (nothing either - not easy to find out what any store has and believe me I checked them all, so instead of doing tax prep or something more intelligent,
at 11 a.m. I left home to find a new micro-wave Arghhhhhhhhhhh

Arghhhhhh - will I find what I want? The Size I need? Without it's becoming the holy grail? “

Guess what – it did turn into the Holy Grail. First stop, one of my favorite DIY stores where I could also get a quick lunch and check a few other items – one that might have done if I found nothing else.  As the original was from our Coop store I then moved on to that shopping mall – nothing. Around a couple of blocks to another electronics store – nothing that combined the features of the old one: back into town where I parked in the under-the-lake car park as I figured if the old store didn’t have something, there was another major electronics store not far.  Lo and behold they actually had this year’s version of my old one.
Price had gone up $10 in the intervening 4 + years – and I was able to pay all but that difference in accumulated points!

Getting a 30+ pound  box to the car park was another challenge – managed at the expense of my shoulders, but managed.

So all is well that ends well and I can again have hot soup.