Monday, January 20, 2014

Those “to dos”

and trivia.

As I wrote the last paragraph of yesterday’s blog, I had the fleeting thought: oh no, this has set me up for now "having" to do something to report as to whether or not I actually did or didn’t “do” Ah the way we require too much of ourselves.

What it did was free me from working on anything smacking of book keeping, tax reporting, assembling of documents for administrative items. Instead I headed towards the attic and re-shuffled some of those famous cupboards. Out with all the old pieces and bits of curtains, sheets and cloth that I had left in the one cupboard for insulation: in with the leftover pillows and linens from my housemates daughter. Insulation effect the same and I freed up a cupboard to use for some of the other items hanging around as a result of my son’s return home (o.k. he didn’t – he left for South America subletting his flat – so it’s just the “stuff”) and my having disposed of a bed in same said attic.

6 sacks of cloth for the container in the village, too bad these "clever bags" didn't actually do the work!

I face the week and Monday with a small feeling of accomplishment, freeing me to attack all that paper work.

But before: a few bits of “trivia” to entertain you should you too find yourself in need of knowledge that has nothing to do with anything needing accomplishing today or this week:

From my Trivia Calendar: "What is a young frog called when it grows out of its tadpole stage but has not yet reached adulthood?"A froglet" …wouldn’t it be fun to apply the same to our children: no more teenagers, but rather “childrenlets” or “adultlets”.

From an old Maxine calendar: “Considering the hectic pace of life these days, it’s amazing how many people still find time to annoy me.”

"Never confuse motion with action". -Benjamin Franklin, statesman, author, and inventor (1706-1790)