Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shades of gray streaked with blue or…

Finding the light where one can.

Some of my readers may think that I have a thing about the weather: I do.
When one lives in a place where sometimes the sun doesn’t appear for what seems like months on end (generally from November through April if it’s a bad year), one does tend to fixate a bit on the current state of the weather: shades of gray become interesting; a possible lifting of the fog a topic to be discussed ad nauseum (what else is a blog for?); and the potential of sun a great event. The possibility of snow would be welcomed about now as we have had unusually warm days, more rain than normal and in general even taking apart the shades of gray is less attractive.

So one looks for the odd brighter moment, such as the one below: I was out walking in the natural reserve that Reuters contributed to in return for the land to build their headquarters last weekend. The odd bits of blue made a lovely contrast to the ambient shades of gray.

Recreation of the former swamps along the Seymaz river