Thursday, January 2, 2014

Some of my favorite things

Notice I speak of things, not people so don’t expect any tributes to friendship, etc. although my New Year started with the luxury of being with friends and I hope that this year will be one of not only maintaining old friendships, but also of caring for all friendships, be they of acquaintances or family.

But back to “things”: again not an exclusive list, just what pops into mind (and in no particular order either): food (yep that figures high on most of my lists), travel, photography, reading, trivia, words.

I love words: reading them, hearing a good speech, a combination thereof, a play on words, and just plain old individual words.

I subscribe to as mentioned before and some days are pure happiness: today’s word “yare”.

(yahr or yayr)

adjective: 1. Easily maneuverable; nimble. 2. Ready; prepared.

From Old English gearo/gearu (ready). Earliest documented use: 888.

So I can imagine myself nimble all whilst being prepared (good thing I noticed this after I had fulfilled some of the items on my current “to do every day” list).

Now what’s even more fun is that this combines two of my favorite things: words and trivia. Note the date at which it was first documented: 888. With a bit of luck it was on the 28th of August – or the last entirely even-numbered day until the 2nd of February 2000!

Just makes my day to combine these two things – and the sun is even deigning to grace us with its presence so although the 2nd day of the year was looking to be pretty bleak (everything still shut, nothing planned with either family or friends, gray skies) – it has done a 180° switch and turned into a great one.

May we always be yare for opportunities and positive changes.