Friday, January 3, 2014

On no, the mystery is no longer

And I don’t like the answer!

OK, one of my good friends (you know who you are – I figure you may not want to be cited here for all to know your perfidy) gifted me with a daily calendar: “365 days of Trivia” ( Day number one ruined my life.

“What makes a glass of Champagne fizz?”  Now, I reckoned that I was in for that explanation that I can never remember about the CO2, etc. but no – it was worse, much worse: and again I quote: “Dust particles and dish towel fibers … according to scientists at the University of Reims, in Champagne-Ardenne, France. They found that if a glass was totally smooth and debris-free, carbon dioxide molecules in Champagne would not bubble up; they would evaporate without ever being seen.”

So the fact that I love the bubbles means that I have dirty glasses and that the champagnes I have not liked as well, due to lack of bubbles, were actually served in clean glasses?

My world will never be the same.