Tuesday, January 21, 2014

13’140 Days of love

Sounds so much more important than just its equivalent in years.

Any mother will know exactly what I am talking about – that wonderful day when you first discovered the child that you had carried for nine months; the baby that developed close to your heart; that wonderful bundle of joy that became part of your family.

From babyhood, through toddler hood, on to teenager “hood” (and believe me sometimes there was really that element of “the hood”), then young adulthood and finally full-blown adulthood.

Not sure how it all happened, but the results of 13’140 days (or 315'359 and 14 hours at this precise point in time) of love in the case of this first son are truly marvelous: a human being who cares for those around him as well as for the entire world (o.k. so sometimes I play down the soap opera of this environmental fan, but if he doesn’t worry about the state of the environment, who will?). A young man who is loyal to his friends, involved in his business of spreading the word about maintaining and cleaning up the world’s environment, and supportive with his whole heart of his family.

May there be many more days of love!