Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Looking or seeing?

How often do we look at something or someone without really seeing?

Those who need witnesses to an event, an accident or even something banal well know that we can’t be relied upon: we may have been looking at that crucial moment, but what we “saw” is all too often invalid. I recall reading somewhere that children are better witnesses as they still see what they look at – or perhaps it is also that they have less mental images with which to judge or deform that which they perceive.

This was brought home to me again this week: I recently joined a Facebook page called “With Flying Colours”.
Karrie, the moderator and founder describes it this way: “Surrounded by colours this group selects a colour/ combination of colours each week & posts their varied , eclectic photos of the things they've found . Designed to make you LOOK & appreciate the colours surrounding us . Tinting out lives with joy ........”

I would join the week the theme was “orange crescents”, but still thought that I had best give it a go. Being in the mountains and surrounded by more grays, greens, browns and blues than anything I was sure that I would struggle to find even one orange crescent – the the point that the first photo was one that I “made” by forming one of the lounging chair’s antimacassars into a crescent.

But once I started really not only looking, but seeing what I was looking at – things popped out at me and all of a sudden there were 17 photos of orange crescents.

Now the only problem is going to be letting go of the search for orange crescents – next week hurry along!