Saturday, September 26, 2015

Finding the beauty along the way

I currently belong to, and participate in, a FB group known as “With Flying Colors” (or was that colours? For those of us living in Europe it is a bit difficult sometimes to figure out whether our correspondent is writing in American English or in British English – never mind those of us who happily use both or stick to neither).

The premise, as our “leader” writes is to make us look and appreciate the colors around us: we choose a theme each week and then take photos of said theme, posting them to the site for all to enjoy. Some are harder than others (orange crescents for example the week that I was in the mountains), but by having a goal one does actually actively search for the photo illustrating the theme – no hardship for me as I could no more think of being out without a camera than of not eating.

It is the same with beauty: we all have things that we automatically love – a full moon for example, but we also all have our share of dullness, of down days, of days and circumstances where we are less likely to even see beauty should it drop into our laps.
When we walk that gray path or experience that rainy day (physically as well as morally) we miss the beauty: the silver lining on a dark cloud; the bright green of one leaf; the dappling sunlight in a dark forest; the bright blue of a patch in a stormy sky; the one spot of red paint on a rusted can, etc.

What if we actively looked for the beautiful, be it the shape of a building, the color of a flower, the smile on someone’s face, the grace of another’s character. If we consciously looked for the beauty perhaps we would focus less on the ugly: worth a try in any case.

Ice crystals on an iron railing

fog in the valley, snow on the trees

one loan leaf to cheer up the gray stone

even rotten wood can be beautiful