Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Y Generation

In my perusal of Facebook today I came across the following posting.

I know that this is meant to be funny and mostly it is; however upon reflection – it is derogatory of Generation Y, a generation finding itself in a world where things have changed immensely from that of their parents. A generation that is having to find their way without the tools or continuing progress of their parents.

So from my knowledge of the Y generation I would also add:

Y do you think you're better than others? We are all equal.
Y shouldn't I share with someone? We all need something.
Y should I care more about money than people?
Y can't I stop and smell the roses? It's free and gives me pleasure.
Y don't you vote? We are all responsible for those who govern us.
Y not give of your time instead of your money?
Y am I smiling? Because life is what I choose to make it not necessarily what you perceive as the “only” path.

You get the idea: there are also many things to be recommended about this generation, amongst them their humanity and willingness to live life, not simply get through it.