Sunday, September 6, 2015


From one of my favorite sites – comes this "A thought for the day":
"One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper patterns at the right moment." -Hart Crane, poet (1899-1932)

Well as one or two of my faithful followers may have noticed, words – or rather the time to find them – just hasn’t happened in recent days : mainly due to the (unusual – don’t fall over laughing now) circomstance of having visitors and being more occupied with the spoken word than the written word.

Hmmm… when this current lot – a lovely group of four young adults including two of my nephews – is gone perhaps I’ll have time to go take that bath of words and get back to blogging. 

Meanwhile, I’m living life instead of writing about it, which is not a bad thing : no energy left over when we end our evenings around midnight to record anything.

A "wordle" by Jonathan Feinberg