Monday, September 28, 2015

Out and About

Having awoken to fog and yet more fog fog – and having missed the “red moon” due to same fog, I decided that it was time to do something else with my day other than just walking in the fog and gray.  I usually go to several of the small towns in the Valais during the time that I rent in the mountains, but for some reason (heat? Quiet? Who knows?) these past two years I haven’t been as willing to leave my mountains: have in fact turned down meals, coffees and meetings in the valley just to stay here.

However, having heard from R that there was sun in the valley I thought, time to go. Another motivator was checking one of the better DIY stores for gutter covers. My winter garden’s gutters get clogged, one famous time leading to a water fall inside the winter garden when it rained too hard and I hadn’t noticed the problem.

I actually managed to not only find what I was looking for, but it was half price as well so I bought more than needed.

Off to Sion with the weather clearing to check my favorite stores: mind you I usually am more capable of spending hours in the DIY’s, hardware stores and other small drugstores than I am in a clothing store. Still, as usual found a lovely scarf, which in turn necessitated (note the verb!) buying a new purse.  However, I didn’t buy any of the pricey jackets, tops or coats on display so was feeling very virtuous when I sat down in a local bakery for coffee. One of my all time favorite desserts was there in miniature: a St.Honoré so who cared what it cost – certainly not me.

The drive back was smooth and accompanied by one of my current favorite singers: Andrea Bocelli. Oh the pain: sunny day, easy drive and romantic music. I can handle it - all in all a very successful Monday!

Château de Valère

Valère castle above Sion

Gargoyle spout on City Hall

City Hall clock: note how many elements there are!

Part of the main street in Sion, Valais

A very interesting fire hydrant

Coffee was accompanied by this lovely Zenhäusern St. Honoré