Tuesday, September 1, 2015


To fall; to people.

First things first – the weather: so today is, meteorologically speaking, no longer summer. However how did they manage to cut off the heat exactly on the last day of summer? Today here temperatures are a good 10°C lower, not that I’m complaining! Yeah to fall; personally my favorite season of the year.

People: when my younger son asked if he could have a group of teenagers over on a Saturday to play card games I said “sure”. The white board hadn’t been changed in almost a month so – feeling the necessity to “do something” – I wrote welcome in three languages. When the first young man showed up I informed him and my son that there was one “requirement” for the day – that as each used the bathroom they add “welcome” in another language.  Not only were they an extraordinarily quiet and respectful lot, the resulting white board will stay awhile as I can’t bear to erase it.