Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hotel Julia 2

Well actually that would be a castle at least to those of you who don’t hold any titles.
I am currently the proud possessor of the title Baroness issued by the micro-nation of Sealand!

I have the proof as D-L and Rick offered me the barony for my birthday this year – they themselves having already acquired these distinctions earlier. They felt that the household would perhaps continue in harmony if we were all of the same nobility.

Such fun and one of the more original birthday gifts that I have received in my life: for those of you who night be interested in my newly purchased (yes, some of us don’t have the honor of being born to the right) nobleness the following link is explanatory.

I - and my house - remain much more plebian than the title would indicate: never mind that a baroness is one of the lower titles in nobility, sometimes even coming in last!
But it’s just as well, since I closed Hotel Julia that Chateau Schmitz-Leuffen lives on, and funnily enough that is just what one of my nephews called it.

Proof of my nobility

The "château" seen through "ocean ripple" lenses 

Any self-respecting castle has a library