Monday, September 21, 2015

The First of Many…

Acorns and leaves that is.

If fall is my favorite season, I am less enchanted every year with the amount of acorns and leaves that fall from my oak trees!  As oak trees are a protected species where I live, meaning that I can’t cut them down, no one ever warns you about the yearly duty of raking.

And the law certainly doesn’t intervene to help in that task.

Thus it was when I returned from the mountains this morning and had had lunch up at the border the sun had broken through the fog and with it I could see more clearly the already accumulated acorns and leaves.  Having not had my walk, I decided that I really shouldn’t ignore it so got busy and temporarily have a clean walkway and driveway: very temporarily as within a couple of minutes the latest acorn and leaf will have already descended to be followed by many, many more before I am through this year.

Where are the squirrels when you need them?
Hmmm… wonder if my cats could be taught to eat acorns?