Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I’m able to go to the bathroom again or ...

New toilet is functional.

For those who only read my blog and don’t know me in real life, it has been a bit of upset in the house as I completely renovate the shower and bathroom on my bedroom floor these past couple of weeks.

I, foolishly might I add, thought that it was well programmed (way back in November/beginning December) and that come Jan.5 everything would proceed apace and fall into place in two weeks.  Think again.

It was well programmed – all the players were in place and showed up first thing that Monday morning. At one point there were five men in between the two small rooms and I was taking a couple at a time down for coffee so that they wouldn’t get on each other’s nerves.

Well, the tiler finished his job yesterday – and a lovely one it was, well done down to the very littlest and last detail – the silicone joints. Today it was again the plumbers turn and although I have used this plumber before and will do so again, we had a spate of glitches: in starting the fixations on one element, bingo, a huge piece broke; then in drilling to put in place the glass fixture on the tub, they cracked a tile. Good news is that the tiler can return tomorrow to replace that.

We discussed where to put the shower poles in both bathrooms – no problems there. However then I found out that the sink, cupboard underneath said sink as well as the medicine cabinet in that bathroom had not yet been delivered (and last week supposedly everything was ready for pick-up… not the plumbers fault, but one would think that the appliance company would have kept us up-to-date in a more timely manner). The glass shower stall of course had to be first measured once the toilet and its encasings were finished. It is now on order but won’t be here for probably 10 days.

Such is life – sooner or later (betting on the latter) it will all happen and at least the toilet is functional on my floor and I will no longer have to take my flashlight to traipse up or down the stairs in the middle of the night.

Grateful for small favors!