Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cat fights

I am currently in the process of a major bathroom and shower remodel so there is a certain amount of dust, dirt and the odd piece of plaster etc.
My cleaning lady vacuumed the kitchen, the living room (what wasn’t covered in protective
walkways to access the stair case that is: the stuff is wonderful as slightly sticky on one side
so a lot easier to put down than in former times when one had to actually tape the whole thing very well, but I digress) and the hallway so when I went to bed all was really fairly clean.

This morning walking down into the living room I noticed tufts of hair spread in an area covering a good square meter. I hadn’t noticed that the cats were particularly avoiding each other, but obviously as some point during the night their had been a bit of sisterly squabble: enough that fur was flying. Whose ? Why? Sisterly tiff? There were no obvious marks on either cat and later they were again curled up together in one basket so whatever was obviously only a spat.

Too bad that humans can’t be as sensible: argue, fight then forget and come close again.