Monday, January 5, 2015


January 4, 2015, Meinier, Switzerland
 I have the good fortune to often experience things by happenstance; deciding to go for coffee or a meal at the drop of a hat; the taking of one road instead of another; changing plans at the last minute, etc.
Often they are linked to (funnily enough) doing something for someone, such as the glorious fog patches that I got to see one morning returning from a run to the train station. Other times it has been the sunrise returning from the airport. It happens often enough that I am always willing to entertain the thought of getting up early and helping someone out as over the years I have had some of the best sights because of these morning trips.

Yesterday afternoon was just one such: needed to take a couple of files and other stuff across town to my oldest son. It just happened that since I didn’t have enough time to have coffee before, I waited a few minutes for him to return from picking up his bike. Then as I “needed” coffee I debated several places then found myself changing lanes and going to the train station. There instead of having coffee in one place, I did in another nearer to the Migros, which then led to going into the grocery store for 5 minutes.  This random using up blocks of time led me back across the bridge around sundown. Then although I took the road that would have led me straight home, at the last minute I decided to go straight through the roundabout via the upper road.

Serendipity – a very bright light beyond the buildings, which I first thought was probably the spots in a soccer field. Getting beyond them though I realized that it was the rising full moon!

Now had I checked or known, the weather would have been lousy; the timing wouldn’t have worked; I wouldn’t have had my camera with me (rarer, but it does happen). As it was I simply pulled off to the side of the road and watched it rise for a good quarter of an hour:  in all its beauty – a sight that I won’t forget in a long, long time, if ever.

Serendipity = my life!

Cranes or Herons flying through top left

Didn't notice the lamp post until I had taken the photo

January 4, 2015, Meinier, Switzerland

Rising moon: fields and vineyards of Meinier with the Voirons