Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sort your trash people!

A very mundane subject, but as the New Year progresses into spring most of my generation
were brought up on the "take it down on New Year's Day" as well as the "Spring Clean", never mind the daily, weekly or monthly one.

In our household we have been sorting, re-distributing, giving away, taking to various charities or friends depending upon the item for several months now.

First of all, one would think that we would finally be seeing the end of it, but no: that which has been accumulated over a lifetime (in younger son’s case) or the past 30+ years in this house in my case, dwindles but never entirely disappears.

I no longer count the trips to the main re-cycling center across town having made many with my older son when he moved, then with the younger one, then myself and now yet again with all of us.

I usually have 3 or 4 full banana boxes of paper once a month for curb-side pickup; make at least 3 or 4 trips to our village recycling center with bottles, Pet containers (as in PET, not containers for pets per se), batteries, paper, clothing to be turned into rags and large cardboard boxes and yet have things to re-distribute.

Today I decided to meld two garbage bags full of stuff and ended up sorting out the electronics, the beyond-sale-date meds, paper and ink cartridges to be given away. I was still left with a full garbage bag and will have to spend a couple of hours taking the electronic parts, the old meds and the give-aways to their destinations, but we do need to do our part so please people, don’t take the easy way out and just dump it all in the trash – sort and re-distribute: your world thanks you.

 And I'm feeling productive!

paper, curbside pickup once a month

electronics - re-cycler across town

ink cartridges - printer no longer works: give to Salvation Army

out of date meds and cosmetics, etc. - return to pharmacy

110 liter trash bag - pick up tomorrow!