Friday, January 30, 2015

Turkeys or turkey parts…

Fun outside of one’s own culture.

Now I have never yet wholesale quoted someone elses blog, but this one was too good to pass up and the impact is more if I repeat rather than simply put in a link.  I am sure that my housemate will forgive me if for once instead of both of us blogging on the same subject, I simply take her blog and follow up with a blog of my solutions.


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I have two great Muslim friends who made an incredible meal for me in November complete with couscous and other Mid Eastern delicacies. I promised them a typical American meal. Sunday will be the day.

Texmex wouldn't do it, so my next thought was to do a Thanksgiving meal. 

They are devout so I made sure I ordered a turkey from the Halal butcher and today I went to pick it up.

It was a complete turkey, nicely sliced into escallops. I had not said a whole turkey still together, something that isn't common here.

Too late to order another bird.

This will take some creative cooking. Anyone with any ideas on how to cook slices and slices of turkey and make them seem like roast turkey, let me know, please, please, please.

In any case, I'll let you know how it turns out.

In any case it will make great mealtime conversation.


Dear Housemate,

Who would have thought to tell the butcher that you wanted a "whole" bird!
So here are my thoughts on how to turn it into a proper Thanksgiving turkey:
  • Slip it into something that won't burn onto it during the process (pantyhose came to mind, but I reckon they couldn't take the heat, which leads me to other – thoughts as to heat and panty hose…),
  • Get a good pair of iron clamps...
  • Take a needle and some good thick black thread and sew the bits together....
  • Take a picture of a properly roasted turkey and paste to skin once done...
  • Lots of string and tie it back together?

Or, as you are a writer and have plenty of imagination, make up a story/poem/sonnet as to how a whole bird became parts, parts that will magically become whole again as they eat. Here are some models.


K Tao_Flickr_CC BY-ND 2.0

My 2015 Christmas turkey