Tuesday, January 13, 2015

“You have no events scheduled”

Google tells me twice every day: somewhere along the way I obviously signed up for Google calendar and then having never entered any of the minutiae of my days (small paper two-year calendar in my purse at all times is full!) I am told that I have no events scheduled regularly every morning.  Occasionally I think that someday I shall go back and undo these messages to myself, others it de-stresses me to receive them: no matter how full my day may be Google ignores it and just the thought of that perhaps being actually true at some point gets me through those busy, hectic days.  Upon reflection, could I not do that “half” solution and just eliminate one of my e-mail addresses?

Today I actually have so many little things that I ended up making a list of them in the hopes that I won’t inadvertently forgot where and when I am supposed to be out of the house, at the house, running an errand, seeing a friend, going to a meeting: I really don’t have time to go back into my Google account to eliminate these fake schedules so, for today at least…
I have no events scheduled, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have many “events” to fulfill or remember!